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Yupa Jiamsranoi


Yupalux founder Yupa Jiamsranoi has over 10 years experience of providing person-centred massages and spa treatments and have proven herself to be both professional and reliable.

In 1995, the Jiamsranoi family searched in Thailand for the perfect treatment for their father who was paralysed from a stroke.

Growing up as a child, Yupa witnessed the efficiency of Thai traditional medicine practiced by village healers in Korat Thailand while treating her father who recovered from his stroke. Her experience of of her father's treatment helped her develop her interest and understanding of the healing powers of local herbs in treating ailments.

In 2011, Yupa set out with a simple mission: "To learn to do good for people through holistic therapies". Her aim was to transcend physical massage techniques and truly give from her heart.

She searched for the perfect massage treatment; a massage that could truly remove negative energy and renew the spirit. In her quest for knowledge, Yupa came into contact with massage therapists who possessed expert technique, but not many offered a combination of technique and soul. The healing powers of a massage therapist who gives from the heart which surpasses the benefits of technique alone.

In 2015, Yupa established YupaLux, Thai traditional wellness massage & Spa in Straelen, Germany to enable people to experience traditional Thai culture through massage therapy and provide the benefits of holistic integration of various herbs and incenses to healing. This is done always with the most professional techniques while not loosing track of the traditional Thai approach.

Yupa provides individualised, high quality therapeutic massage in the heart of Zurich to assist in the management of pain, stress, injury, and everyday fatigue. She pride herself on a more clinical approach to bodywork that is fully tailored to each individual's needs.

Consistently demonstrating the highest standards of service available, whilst maintaining a moral, ethical and professional approach to her work with total client confidentiality. Yupa pays great attention to detail while displaying exceptional organisational skills to ensure that her clients' requirements and expectations are met. She prides herself in providing therapies that enable individuals achieve their therapeutic goals which has resulted in repeat businesses and long standing clients relationships.

Yupa's professionalism and efficiency in providing holistic treatment have been recognised through awards:
The National Massage Championship (The NMC) in London (2022)

  • Overall Gold medal in the final "Judges Excellence Award"
  • Winner of the Gold medal in the "Spa/Wellness Massage"

The International Massage Association (IMA) in Copenhagen (2021)

  • Bronze Medal Winner 2021 in the "Thai Massage" category

The Swiss Massage Championship (SMC) in Zurich (2020)

  • Silver Medal Winner 2020 in the "Swedish Massage" category

    She is currently setting up YupaLux at Seefeldstrasse 25, 8008 Zurich. The new country and environment is a challenge, but also a new opportunity where she has built a strong local customer relationship with many regular clients and outstanding service.

    The next milestone in her journey is the development of a new, unprecedented massage therapy that provides lasting pain relief and promotes relaxation more effectively than a purely physical therapy. Here too, the focus is on a holistic approach. YupaLux was founded with the intention of offering true, deep treatments to not only heal pain, but to infuse the body and soul with a refreshing life energy.