With over 10 years experience and have proven to be professional and reliable

In my daily work, I bring my clients closer to Thai culture and try to give them a short break from their hectic everyday lives. This is always done with the most professional techniques and without losing sight of the traditional Thai approach.

Every person and every body is unique, often with an imbalance between body and mind. I adapt the various massage techniques to your personal needs. This body massage is based on the fusion of various traditional Far Eastern therapies. I use various massage techniques. This customized massage therapy is best suited for people who suffer from muscle tension, restricted movement due to poor posture or misalignment.

Traditional Thai massage

This customized massage therapy is best suited for people who suffer from muscle tension, restricted movement due to poor posture or misalignment.

Are you in pain or tense? 
Then I recommend traditional Thai massage.

Thai massage with its healing effect has developed over thousands of years and has been used in Europe for several decades. The healing touch of the affected areas of the body is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland.

This well-known type of massage has proven its worth and has been taught in the Thai tradition for generations.

It is a combination of a holistic body and pressure point massage from head to toe. The interplay of gentle stretching with rhythmic pressure from the balls of the hands, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet relieves tension and stimulates the circulation and metabolism.

It begins with warm-up techniques to loosen the body, followed by a series of therapeutic massage techniques that bring relief while improving flexibility and balance. In this ancient Asian treatment method, the body is not only stretched and elongated, but also kneaded and energized. It feels a bit like yoga without having to exert yourself.

Thai aromatherapy

Many people enjoy this type of massage because they find it very relaxing, and they enjoy the feeling of warmth from my hands.

In aromatherapy, Yupa uses essential oils to reduce stress and tension, calm emotions and promote clarity of mind. When inhaled, the aroma directly affects receptors and thus has a direct impact on your emotion. I will tailor a specific combination of essential oils to each client's individual needs. The oils work in two ways: stimulating the psyche and through the skin.

The massage uniquely combines aspects of traditional Thai massage with the soothing and relaxing effects of aromatherapy. By using oils for the massage, this type of massage is gentler and more relaxing without neglecting the essential approaches of traditional Thai massage. Soft music in the background can be beneficial during the massage, provided it is perceived as pleasant.

Also with hot coconut oil.

The whole body is pampered with a warm Virgin Thai coconut oil massage. It stimulates the circulation and metabolism. Coconut oil provides the skin with intensive moisture. A blessing, especially in the cold season.

Swedish/holistic massage

(as classic massage, medium pressure)

This is the most common and best-known type of massage. It is the perfect way to start a massage.

It is designed to improve circulation, soothe and relax the muscles. By stroking the limbs, pushing the muscles against each other, rubbing and tapping, muscle stiffness and tension are eliminated. Metabolism and circulation are positively influenced and waste products are flushed out.


  • The massage has an antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect and has numerous positive influences on body and soul

  • Reduces muscle soreness by flushing out toxins and reduces muscle cramps, pain and tension.

  • Improves the oxygen saturation of the blood by increasing blood circulation.

  • Keeps ligaments and tendons supple.

  • Stimulates the nervous system and reduces emotional and physical stress.

  • Releases endorphins, the body's natural painkiller.

Deep Tissue Massage 

(very strong pressure)

Some people sometimes find this type of massage painful, but you will certainly feel better afterwards. This massage uses slow movements, deep pressure and tension to realign the muscle fibers. The massage focuses on the tense and sore areas. Fingers, hands and elbows are used to 'break up' the tension or knot in the muscles, giving you more freedom of movement.

The muscle fibers are stretched for better blood circulation. A deep tissue massage is recommended for aching shoulders, a stiff neck, tension in the lower back or other extremely tense areas.

In addition to pain relief, it also helps to release toxins stored in the muscles and remove them through blood circulation; it improves blood flow and loosens muscle fibers.

Sport massage

After sport, we offer you a classic Thai relaxation massage with warm oils and herbal stamps to prevent muscle pain, cramps and sports injuries. The traditional Thai sports massage in combination with special sports oils relaxes the muscles and increases performance.

Sports massage is a very vigorous massage similar to traditional Thai massage. It differs from Thai massage in that it involves considerably more stretching exercises and stronger and more pressure points, which are massively supported with elbow, knee and foot techniques.

This massage is aimed at athletes and sportspeople who, due to their endurance and strength, often perform one-sided movements that usually cause partial pain due to muscle hardening.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a full body massage in the style of a Thai massage using heated polished lava/basalt stones and warm aromatic oils. The stones are of volcanic origin, are heated to approx. 50 degrees and have the ability to store heat for a very long time.

The stones are used in different sizes and applied along the meridians (energy lines of the body - Sen), their soothing warmth in combination with the warm, soothing aromatic oils will improve your blood circulation and supply the tissue with more oxygen.

The energy flow in the body is increased and harmonized. This results in deep muscle relaxation with harmonization of the body and soul.

24 carat gold oil massage

The positive effect of gold leaf on the human body was already known in the 14th century. The life energy of humans is stimulated by the energetic charge of gold.

Treat yourself to a little luxury with a gold massage and feel the effect of pure gold on your skin. The special massage technique mixes precious 24-carat gold particles (meaning pure gold) with pure natural massage oil and applies them to the deeper layers of the skin.

Experience this soothing luxury full-body massage with warm, high-quality aromatic oil and pure gold. The treatment includes slow stroking and circular movements as well as classic massage elements. The energy points and pathways are brought into harmony and the body's own healing powers are activated.

Foot zone massage & spa

Thai foot massage is one of the oldest forms of massage, which almost all masseuses learn and obtain a special certificate for. It should not be confused with the "foot reflex zone massage" used in Germany by doctors or specially trained therapists, although this also originated in Asia and only came to Europe in the 20th century.

Traditional Thai massage is used intensively here for acupressure treatment of the foot reflex zones. Among other things, it activates the blood and lymph flow and stimulates the body's defenses and self-healing powers.

The explanation for this is that the sensory nerves for the internal organs run through the whole body and are therefore connected to other organs. Many of them end in the feet, where a corresponding part of the foot is assigned to each internal organ. If our feet are tired, our body is tired too.

Head, back and shoulder massage

A head, back and shoulder massage to relieve stress.

I use a special combination of deep tissue massage, pressure points and stretching techniques, specific to the problem area of the head, back or shoulder.

It relieves tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates a unity of mind, body and spirit.